College of Arts and Sciences Overview

College of Arts and Sciences

The college is making an endeavor in creating researches that are diverse which bears an impact not only locally but internationally. These researches varies ranging from providing knowledge that can strengthen mathematical theories, assess the mangrove area in Butuan Bay which can provide development plan as to its preservation and provide knowledge on awareness of the solid waste management.

The Diagnostic Laboratory is the leading laboratory in the region that provides bacteria, fungal and histochemical analysis. Presently there is an increasing demand for various laboratory analyses for investigatory projects from various school and agencies outside the university that we are thinking of expanding the laboratory services.

The College has also a Mathematical and Statistical Computing Center that caters statistical analysis to researches. The center became one of the leading providers of statistical analysis to students doing research for their theses and dissertations.

Among the big contribution of the college to the community is that our graduates form part of the working force not only locally but internationally. It is the pride of the college to produce among the best mathematicians, biologists and environmentalists.


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