Master of Science in Crop Science (MSCS)

Master of Science in Crop Science (MSCS)



The MSCS program is the sole graduate program of the college. It is based on the required competency for advanced education of professionals practicing or willing to engage in crop science-related work in the region and other parts of the country. Crop Science is a broad discipline which embodies Agronomy, Horticulture, and other fields related to crops. The program is concerned with increasing the amount and quality of food using innovative technologies as well as improve crop and soil condition in cost-effective and environmentally sound ways.


  1. Provide in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of Crop Science.

  2. Condition graduate students to engage in highly-technical research projects that correspond with CARAGA’s Regional development Plan (RDP) and investment program.

  3. Produce highly-trained graduates with profound background and skills in conducting advanced crop-based scientific research.

  4. Train graduate students to publish significant research findings and extend important knowledge and/or technologies generated in response to the need of the local and academic communities.



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