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As the head of unit mandated by the University to establish strong lifelong relationships with the alumni. The Alumni Relation Office (ARO) is responsible for establishing mutually beneficial relationship between the University and its alumni through various activities and programs. The Alumni Relation Office (ARO) shall also serve as a communication line office to the administration giving the alumni opportunities to ask, comment, and suggest.



  • Section 1. The University shall have a systematic and strategic and framework to establish and enhance a continuing and fruitful relationship between CSU and its alumni. There shall be an information bureau and placement office for the CSU alumni governed by a mechanism designed to extend the CSU community outside the portals of the University.
  • Section 2. The mechanisms for alumni relations shall specify levels of coordination between CSU officials and leaders from major alumni chapters for the workflow and coordination to regulate all alumni relations.
  • Section 3. Under an information bureau, there shall be a mechanism to maintain and develop an alumni database to establish updated contact means of the alumni and to collaborate with the colleges for enhanced alumni relations.
  • Section 4. Under a placement office, there shall be a mechanism to assist the alumni in finding opportunities for employment and to coordinate with the assigned officers in the conduct of an annual job fair and mock job interviews and of relevant seminars for the alumni to enhance their employability. Likewise, the mechanism also assist prospective employers in their recruitment of CSU alumni, by maintaining an updated page on the University’s website and bulletin boards inside the university for postings of various job openings and trainings for employment.


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