Class Size in CSU

The standard class size of  the State University shall be as follows:

Graduate  level

  • Lecture and Laboratory - 25 Students

Undergraduate Courses

  1. Lecture Class - 50 Students
  2. Laboratory Class
  • Social - 45 Students
  • Technical - 25 Students

The minimum size to warrant the opening of a requested class for a particular subject shall not be less than twenty-five (25) students for the undergraduate level and eighteen (18) students for the graduate level.  Any deviation from the above standards  is subject to the approval of  the duly constituted authorities of the State College, provided, that  the requesting student(s) will pay the prescribed total amount of tuition and other fees for the requested subject.

Classes of graduating students on major or specialization subjects may be of lesser numbers.

No class shall be divided into sections:

To suit the personal preference of individual instructors in regard to time, place and monetary incentive; and

To make the instructors comply with the required teaching load.

Departure from  the foregoing rules shall only be upon  the  authorization  of  the Department Chairman and the Dean concerned, with the approval of  the Dean of Instruction.

The State University may limit its enrollment, if such limitation is reasonably necessary.


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