Duties & Functions

The Duties and Functions of the General Services Office are the following:

Director: The Director for Planning and Development shall perform the following functions:

  1. Implement the guidelines, rules and regulations in coordinating, monitoring and reporting of activities on the various general services programs of the University.
  2. Coordinate with the Director of Planning and Development and the Administration and Finance and other heads of the different units of the University for the implementation of the aspects of development plan of the University.
  3. Supervise the general maintenance of facilities of the University, including the housing, light and water, transportation and machinery services.
  4. Direct supervision of civil works inside the University to include the preparation of its corresponding program of works and other plans.

The following Personnel shall be under the General Services Office:

Engineering Assistant:

  1. Assist the preparation of bill materials and cost estimates
  2. Assist in the preparation of program of works
  3. Assist in the supervision and monitoring of various repair & maintenance of buildings new constructed
  4. Assist in the clerical jobs

Electrical / Sound System operator / Alternate Driver:

  1. In-charge of the repair & maintenance of electrical lines
  2. In-charge of the installation of electrical lines foe newly construction buildings.
  3. In-charge of operating the sound system of various activities of the University.
  4. Take charge as alternate driver as the need arises.


  1. Encoding of purchase request and quotation, Daily equipment Utilization report (DEUR), bill of materials and cost estimate, accomplishment reports
  2. Prepare and assist withdrawal of materials for various repair of maintenance of buildings
  3. Facilitate withdrawal of waste materials
  4. Do other utility jobs
  5. Route BAC Communications


  1. In-charge of the repair and maintenance of water lines

Assistant Electrician/ Utility:

  1. Assist in the repair of electrical lines of various buildings
  2. Assist in the installation of electrical lines of newly constructed buildings
  3. Assist as alternate brush cutter operator
  4. Janitorial works
  5. Assist sound system operator as the need arises


  1. Janitorial Services


  1. In-charge of various repair of building and furniture
  2. Utility works
  3. Janitorial works

Brush Cutter Operator:

  1. In-charge of brushing of hedges in the campus
  2. Operate tractor in hauling of garbage
  3. Mowing of sports Oval
  4. Janitorial services



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