General Features and Components

1. Purpose

The Sports Development Program aims to position Caraga State University (CSU) as the leader in the CHED Regional Games, State Colleges & Universities Athletic Association (SCUAA), Mindanao Association of State Colleges & Universities Foundation (MASCUF) & Philippines Association of State Universities and Colleges (PASUC) sports in particular, and in the Caraga Region & National Olympics Games in general, and to increase awareness among students of the role of sports in harmonizing their academic, moral and physical development.

2. The Program has two distinct and related, but equally important parts – the Varsity Sports Program and the Campus Sports Program.

The Varsity Sports Program covers recruitment and training of varsity athletes and participation of varsity teams in the, CHED Regional Games, State Colleges Universities Athletic Association (SCUAA) Mindanao Association of State Colleges & Universities (MASCUF) & Philippines Association of State Universities and Colleges (PASUC), and selected sports events. The program recognizes the positive contribution of individual varsity athletes to the team performance in the MASCUF thereby granting incentives to athletes with proven potential for varsity sports. The incentive is awarded to the athlete upon meeting the academic standards of the CSU.  An adjunct to the Varsity Sports Program is the Academic Monitoring System which keeps track of the academic status of varsity athletes. The system identifies athletes who encounter problems in complying with the academic standards of CSU.

The Campus Sports Program has two components – the Student Sports Clubs and the CSU League Campus Organization (LCO).

  • The CSU encourages the formation of student sports clubs in line with the objective of harmonizing the academic, moral, mental and physical development of students. In support of this objective, the Office of Sports Development monitors club activities, supervises the operation of their funds, provides technical/administrative advice and service to them within the budget, and extends financial assistance to the clubs. Sports clubs that may be formed are not limited to all events.
  • The CSU League Campus Organization or LCO is the umbrella organization run jointly by the Sports & Physical Education Office and the Central Student Government for the purpose of holding competitions among students. Student sports competitions start at the college day’s level on to the quarterfinals, the semifinals, and culminates in the holding of the LCO championship. Members of student selection teams come from LCO competitions and the sports covered are CHED, SCUAA, MASCUF & PASUC sports events.
  • The Sports & Physical Education Office Development identifies students with high athlete potential for membership in student selection teams. The student performance in the selection teams is monitored and those who manifest strong potential for varsity sports are chosen to join the training pool or the varsity team.



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