Human Resources Management Office

The Human Resource Management Office is headed by the Human Resource Management Officer. 

Duties and Functions

The  Human Resource Management Officer performs the following functions in the University:

  1. Responsible for personnel management and development and maintenance of effective representation  with the Civil Service Commission and other offices concerned;

  2. Keep updated service records of, and other data and information pertaining to, all personnel  of  the State College and issue appropriate certifications and other documents on the matter upon proper request by concerned parties;

  3. Assist and advise the State College President and other concerned State College officials and employees in the proper execution of policies, regulations and orders in all areas of personnel management promulgated by the Civil Service Commission and other higher authorities;

  4. Undertake personnel programs and inform the heads of units concerned of  the recent developments in all areas of  personnel management and development; and

  5. Perform such other related work as may be assigned by the State College President.


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