Jurisdiction of Student Discipline Matters

All matters concerning student discipline shall fall within the authority of the Office of Student Affairs and Services (OSAS).  All instances of disciplinary matters must be filed at the Office of the Director for OSAS.
  1. Filing a Complaint
    1. Any member of the Caraga State University community may directly file a formal written complaint against a student at the Office of the Director for Student Affairs and Services.  The OSAS may also file a formal written complaint against a student on behalf of non-members of the Caraga State University.
    2. The formal written complaint shall state the nature and the circumstances of the offense. Any evidence or other materials relevant to the case should be included in the report.
    3. The OSAS Director shall review all instances of reported violations and shall transmit cases probably involving major violations to the Committee on Student Discipline for inquiry and investigation.
  2. Due Process in Minor Offenses
    1. The OSAS Director shall decide on all cases considered as minor.  The decision shall be based on considerable verification of facts.
    2. Minor violations shall also have a summary proceeding.
    3. An appeal to the decision of the OSAS Director may be filed in writing before the Committee on Student Discipline.
  3. Due Process in Major Offenses

The right of a student to due process should be guaranteed at all times, therefore, the following procedures shall be adopted in the investigation and settlement of major violations:

  1. A written complaint report shall be filed at the OSAS.
  2. The OSAS Director shall advise the student concerned through a Complaint Notice.
    1. The Complaint Notice shall have as an attachment a copy of the formal written complaint.
    2. The student shall be required to submit a statement to answer the complaint, including relevant materials to support the statement.
    3. The student shall be given one (1) calendar week starting on the date of receipt of the Complaint Notice to prepare these materials.
    4. Failure of the student to submit such relevant documents shall be assumed that he/she chooses to waive his/her rights to present the case as requested.
  3. The OSAS shall interview the individuals involved and shall initiate any supplementary inquiry necessary to ensure complete verification of the facts.
  4. The OSAS shall evaluate the seriousness of the offense based on the evidence and decide whether the case constitutes a major or a minor offense.  If the case concerns a potential major violation, it shall be dispatched to the Committee on Student Discipline for scrutiny and deliberation, except fourth and subsequent violations of the ID, parking/traffic, dress code, and smoking rules and regulations, which shall be processed, dealt with and deliberated on by the OSAS.  The OSAS Director shall submit a report to the Committee on Student Discipline including the formal charges, the facts of the case, the evidence and other relevant materials presented, as well as review of the precedent cases.
  5. The OSAS shall send a formal written formal written Charge Notice to the student(s) involved.  The Charge Notice shall indicate:
    • The nature of the possible violation, including the specific section(s) of the Code of Student Conduct possibly violated
    • The right of the student to due process as declared in the Code of Student Conduct
    • The right of the student seek counsel.
      1. The student accused may ask a faculty member (except those designated as Director, Dean, Vice President), guidance counselor, or a fellow student from the Caraga State University who shall serve as a counsel during the hearing of the case.
      2. If the student has no counsel of his/her own choice, then a counsel shall be assigned to represent the accused through the assistance of the CSU Counseling Office
    • The possible date of the hearing shall not be earlier than one (1) calendar week from the receipt of the Charge Notice.
  6. The Committee on Student Discipline, through the OSAS, may request the presence of the individuals at the hearing as deemed necessary.
  7. The OSAS shall inform the parents or guardian of the student charged before the Committee on Student Discipline.
  8. The Committee on Student Discipline shall convene on the date set for the hearing of the case.  Each party shall present his/her testimony, evidence, supporting documents, and witnesses.  The Committee on Student Discipline may examine the parties and their witnesses.  It shall deliberate on the case and determine the guilt of the student of the offense as charged.
  9. The parent(s) or guardian of the student may witness the presentation of the accused student’s personal testimony during the hearing.
  10. The Committee on Student Discipline shall thereafter submit a formal written report of its findings and recommendations to the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA).
  11. The Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) subsequently shall notify the student in writing of his/her decision on the case.  The OSAS initiates the implementation of the decision made by the VPAA.
  12. The VPAA’s decision on a student disciplinary case becomes final and executory except when amended or rescinded by a succeeding decision originating from the VPAA or the University President upon consideration of a plea filed by the accused.  A student may appeal the decision and/or the penalties of his/her case to the University President in case of dismissal or expulsion from CSU, or to the VPAA in cases of lesser sanctions.



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