Offenses Against Security

  1. Violation of the Caraga State University ID-Wearing Policy. Failure to wear and display a valid CSU student identification card visibly on one's person and unauthorized use of University ID cards.

  2. Failure to Comply or Identify. Failure to comply with directions of University officials or law enforcement officers acting in the performance of their University duties and/or failure to identify oneself to these persons when requested to do so.

  3. Unauthorized access. Unauthorized possession, duplication, or use of keys or access devices to any University premises, facilities or equipment, or unauthorized entry to or use of any University premises.

  4. Unauthorized Entry or Trespassing. Unauthorized entry (whether forcible or otherwise) to any building, structure, construction site or facility, including an individual’s room and/or unauthorized entry to or use of University grounds.

  5. Violation of the Caraga State University Alcohol Policy. Including without limitation, public intoxication, minor in possession, driving while intoxicated, minor driving under the influence, and other alcohol related violations.

  6. Bringing into and/or drinking alcoholic or any intoxicating beverages on campus.

  7. Coming into the University premises under the influence of alcohol or prohibited substances, and/or acting in an unruly manner.

  8. Manufacture, Distribution, Sale, Offer for Sale, Possession, or other Unauthorized Use of Controlled Substances. This includes marijuana, illegal drugs, and unauthorized possession, distribution, sale, offer for sale, or use of prescription drugs.

  9. Possession of Weapons and or Other Dangerous Devices. Possession of weapons,  including all firearms (including legally registered ones), compressed air-guns, pellet guns, clubs, illegal knives, other bladed weapons (including those intended for ceremonial or decorative uses), dangerous chemicals, or explosive devices (including fireworks) of any description.  None of these items may be possessed on campus except as registered and stored with consent by authorized University personnel.

  10. Misuse or Abuse of Computer Facilities or Information and Communication Systems, including:

  • hacking or cracking a computer system/server or information and communication system (according to RA 8792)

  • unauthorized transfer of a file;

  • unauthorized use of another individual’s identification and/or password;

  • use of computational facilities to interfere with the work of another;

  • use of computational facilities to send obscene, abusive, harassing or threatening messages or to engage in stalking behavior or to repeatedly send unwanted email to individuals;

  • use of computational facilities, including the Rice network facilities, to download or possess child pornography;

  • use of computational facilities to interfere with the normal operation of the University’s computing systems;

  • use of computational facilities for file sharing or downloading in violation of copyright laws; or

  • violation of policies of University computer facilities or networks



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