Offenses Involving Dishonesty

  1. Falsification of Records; Giving False Information; Use of False Identification. Altering, tampering, forging, or knowingly using falsified documents or records (including Rice parking permits and identification cards as well as false or fictitious state-issued identification); being party to falsification; giving or providing false statements, written or oral, and/or providing false information during any university proceeding or to any university administrator or official, using false identification or identification that is not one’s own to deceive university officials, including university police.

  2. Any form of dishonesty perpetrated under any circumstances of an academic exercise.  This includes but is not limited to:

  • Dishonest behavior during examinations or tests.  Dishonest behavior is apparent by but not restricted to:
  1. Talking
  2. Whispering
  3. Making unnecessary noise
  4. Calling the attention of others; looking at the papers of others
  5. Making one’s test paper visible to others
  6. Possession, or presence attributed to the person, and/or use of unauthorized notes or of any materials or equipment that may have relevance or usefulness to the subject of an ongoing examination, or that may be used in a dishonest act related to the examination
  • Plagiarism
  • Fabrication or submission of falsified data, information, citation, source/s, or results in an academic exercise
  • Deception or providing false information to the teacher regarding a formal academic activity or requirement, for example, providing a false reason for failure to meet a deadline, or falsely claiming to have submitted work
  1. Tampering with and/or falsifying school or public documents and/or communication,including those in official administrative, departmental and organizational bulletin boards, whether physical or electronic

  2. Illegally obtaining or gaining access to and/or using restricted school documents

  3. Committing any form of misrepresentation


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