Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar is the repository of Students Records, which are of highly important and delicate documents. The Office of the Registrar carries weight in cases involving the following:

Academic regulations and credentials:

  1. Academic records
  2. Evaluation of subjects or credits
  3. Student accounting
  4. Academic placement
  5. Eligibility for graduation

The office has the final say in the loading of student’s base on records filed at the record section.

There are four sections in the registrar office namely:

  1. Admission section
  2. Request section    
  3. Data Processing section
  4. valuation section

In short the Office of the Registrar does the ALPHA (Registration) and the OMEGA(Graduation).

The Registrar does the following functions/responsibilities:

  1. Plans, implements and evaluates policies relative to registration, scheduling of courses, data recording and storage of student records.
  2. Manages operation of all office activities.
  3. Plans and executes the registration
  4. Examines admission credentials
  5. Implements admission and retention policies
  6. Determines admission course requirements, transfers, graduation and other matters pertaining to student accounting
  7. Orientation of students on academic policies, rules and regulations
  8. Determines subject load and subject sequences
  9. Ascertains compliance of requirements including removal of incomplete Grades
  10. Enforces graduation requirements
  11. Prepares and submits records of candidates for graduation
  12. Issues certificates, grades, records, release transfer credentials, clearance and diplomas
  13. Receives, processes and dispatches records or transcript of record of both active and inactive students
  14. Controls flow, safety and security of files and records
  15. Keeps files and records up-to-date
  16. Attends to correspondence regarding school records and other information
  17. Supervises accurate recording of data in student’s records
  18. Directs reconstruction of lost or missing records
  19. Attends to transactions with government offices or agencies regarding matters related to functions of the office
  20. Assumes responsibility for all documents signed or certified by him/her
  21. Resolves questions on academic policies and regulation and student records
  22. To respond to request for statistical data emanating from government, other external agencies and within the State College
  23. To provide staff support to facilitate the formulation and implementation of strategic and operational planning for the Institution and also its Accreditation.
  24. Periodically reviews and improves present systems and procedures.  
  25. Request the needed equipment and supplies
  26. Maintains linkages with other registrar’s in connection with student records and registrar’s concerns.
  27. Overseas the proper use, maintenance, control and safe keeping of property and equipment of the office.
  28. Designs and revises form needed for the registrar’s use and transaction.
  29. Assists in the revision of curricula and student handbook, faculty manual, etc.



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