Philosophy of the Code of Student Conduct

  1. The way of life and work of a Caraga State University student must be based on integrity, responsibility, respect, and consideration for others.  In all activities each student is expected to be respectful of the rights and welfare of the community and of others in the community and to be trustworthy and upright.

  2. Caraga State University, through appropriate policies and rules, encourages mature and responsible behavior of its students and holds students responsible for behavior that infringe the standards and expectations of the community.

  3. All students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is congruent with the University’s function as an educational institution and with the rights of all members of the University to attend, take advantage of, and derive benefit from the facilities of the University without undue interruption or distraction.

  4. By entering Caraga State University, students accept several responsibilities: a.) To respect the interests and welfare of all members in the University community and their guests, b.) To refrain from abusing or damaging property which belongs to the University or members of this community, and c.) To maintain an atmosphere conducive to education and scholarship, and other responsibilities as outlined in the Student Handbook.

  5. The University regards the student’s registration as a manifestation of willingness to abide by all the policies and rules prevailing in the University.  Every student is therefore compelled to observe them.

  6. Failure to fulfill these responsibilities may result in the suspension of specific privileges, the withdrawal of a student’s privilege of attending the University, or the imposition of other penalties.

  7. Certain other areas and departments of the University (such as the library, dormitory, student centers, etc.) also maintain additional rules and regulations that students obliged to obey.  Any department or office may refer a violation of University rules and policies to the Committee on Student Discipline.


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