Degrees or non-degrees are conferred by the University only on those who have met the following requirements:

  • Completion of the specified requirements in the curriculum in which the student is enrolled.
  • Residence for at least two (2) years or 50% of the total units in a given program.

No student shall be recommended for graduation unless he has satisfied all academic and other requirements prescribed for graduation.

Each student shall file his application for graduation upon enrollment in the second semester with the Office of the Dean concerned and the Registrar. Three (3) weeks after the opening of classes for the second semester, the Dean or his duly authorized representative shall submit to the Registrar a list of candidates for graduation.

The Registrar in consultation with the Chairman of the Department concerned shall examine deficiencies that will qualify a candidate for graduation. Should there be any question about any candidate for graduation, his name shall not be deleted from the list, but footnotes to that effect shall be made in case there are complaints.

Ten (10) weeks before the end of the last semester, the Registrar shall publish a complete list of duly qualified candidates for graduation. All candidates for graduation shall have their deficiencies cleared and their records completed thirty (30) days before the date of graduation.

The diploma, transcript of records and certification shall be issued upon the completion of the clearance for graduating students, and payment of necessary fees.



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