Standard of Conduct

Students are expected to govern their conduct by standards of considerate and ethical behavior so as not to harm or discredit themselves, the University, or any other individual.  Moreover, just as the learning environment does not end at the classroom door, neither is the exercise of individual responsibility, civility, and honor limited to the academic domain.

Caraga State University reserves the right to take official notice of criminal convictions of and accusations against a student, whether the crime is committed on or off campus.  This may then result in appropriate sanctions, including that student’s expulsion from the University.

Some matters may involve allegations of violations of both Caraga State University rules or regulations and civil or criminal law.  In these cases, proceedings concerning possible Code violations may proceed on campus without regard to off-campus proceedings.  Proceedings under this Code may be completed before, concurrently, or succeeding civil or criminal proceedings off-campus.  The University does not assume to advise students accused of criminal law violations, and such students should obtain counsel from a lawyer.  Caraga State University offers no haven from the consequences of unlawful acts.


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