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Individual Inventory / Appraisal Service We keep your records of information safely and with confidentiality to get to know you better. We also give you the opportunity to objectively assess your strengths and weaknesses and your tendencies as a person to facilitate self-understanding and positive change as you develop your personal and social relationship.
Information Service Informed decision-making is always important. Thus, we give you necessary information during counseling and organized activities such as orientation programs, seminar-workshops, symposia, and media presentations.
Counseling Service We would love to listen to you, what is in your heart and in your mind. We can help you deal with issues confronting you at the moment. You are welcome to meet your Guidance Counselor alone or with your friends.
Placement Service We can help you find a niche for yourselves. We believe that you should be in the right place at the right time to be motivated and be geared up to success. Assisting in your career decision making - your course and the field you fit in, is our concern. As you make a choice, we will ensure that you are ready to face the demands accompanying it so we design activities that will prepare you to the real world out there.
Referral Service The instructors and staff are members of this team who desire nothing but your welfare and success. They are there to help us in reaching out to you whenever you need our assistance. And when in dealing with your concern we find out that you need more help, we would be as willing to refer you to other parties who are in the right position to respond to your peculiar needs.
Follow-up Service We always wanted to make sure we have provided our services effectively. We need to follow-up on your progress as our client and we evaluate how far we have helped you. Because we care, we want to improve our services all the time to better respond to your need.



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