AACCUP Director Corpus leads Accreditation Survey Team for CSU Accreditation Visit

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 AACCUP Director Corpus leads Accreditation Survey Team for CSU Accreditation Visit

October 15-16 is another milestone for Caraga State University as it undergoes another AACCUP Accreditation survey visit. Programs for Accreditation on Level 3 Phase 2 are: Bachelor of Science in Biology, Bachelor in Agricultural Technology, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, Bachelor of Science in Geodetic Engineering, Bachelor of Secondary Education, Bachelor of Elementary Education and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP) Director, Dr. Manuel T. Corpus himself leads the accreditation team in the survey visit; with him are nine senior accreditors coming from different state colleges and universities in the country. These accreditors are experts and experienced in their own fields of specialization. They are Dr. Benhur C. Rafosala, Dr. Emmanuel P. Leano, Dr. Cesar B. Ortiz, Dr. Maribel S. Tizo, Dr. Cornelia T. Partosa, Dr. Gladys G. Silabay, Dr. Consorcio S. Namoco, Dr. Maria Glenda O. Delara, Dr. Agapito M. Bayron Jr.

Now that CSU has attained level IV in the State Universities and Colleges leveling, much work awaits everyone for a better delivery of services to the community. CSU President Anthony M. Penaso highlighted the relevance and significance of accreditation to an institution.

In his opening remarks, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Rolando N. Paluga also mentioned the commitment and dedication of the CSU family to provide for better if not best services to the people of Caraga; and to be able to contribute to the growth and development of the nation.

Caraga State University has been carving a name in the history of top notch graduates in licensure examination, and development and growth in all the four areas of instruction, research, extension, and administration.

After this week’s accreditation process, CSU will again step on another level of becoming better, if not the best.

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