Agriculture Faculty in Netherlands for Pig Husbandry and Animal Feed Training

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 Agriculture Faculty in Netherlands for Pig Husbandry and Animal Feed Training

Mr. John Mark Ramada is currently in Netherlands for ten months training on International Diploma Course on Pig Husbandry and Animal Feed in Barneveld, the Netherlands. The course starts from August 2018 to May 2019. Mr. Ramada is under a scholarship program of Netherlands Fellowship Programmes from the Dutch government - Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The purpose of the training is to teach the students in identifying opportunities, collaborate with a multi-discipline team, and share knowledge about pig husbandry skills, technology, and the proper use of feeds. At the end of the training they are expected to put together clear reports and logical improvement plans for local pig farmers in their home country. It is also expected from the participants to learn how to solve issues regarding the optimal use of locally available feedstuffs, and the proper formulation and production of processed compound feeds that have the desired nutrient levels. Practical skills including how to manage plan, set up, and equip a mill for feed production is also important.

The training of Mr. Ramada will contribute to CSU's development since his learnings and experiences of excellent and practical education of the course can maximized in CSU by sharing the knowledge and expertise to students and to other faculty members, and the farmers under CSU Extension programs.

The participants are also expected to come up with feasible projects for research, production, and extension in the field of pig husbandry and animal feed production as well as to conduct trainings and/or advice students, farmers and other related clients in their quest for profitable and sustainable pig production.


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