CSU and DOST launch Geo-Safer Mindanao Project

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Caraga State University President, Dr. Anthony M. Penaso with the CSU Geo-Safer team, and some members of the CSU Executive Committee attended the Geo-SAFER Mindanao Program launching on August 8, 2017 at the LMX Convention Center, Butuan City.

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST)-Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development (PCIEERD) research program entitled “Geo-informatics for the Systematic Assessment of Flood Effects and Risks towards a Resilient Mindano (Geo-SAFER Mindanao) officially launched and showcased the new program which aims to continue the detailed flood hazard mapping of Mindanao using LiDAR technology or Light Detection and Ranging technology. The event also aims to acknowledge Geo-SAFERS’s partner agencies and Local Government Units (LGU) from different parts of Mindanao who will work with the team in building and delivering Geo-informatics-based tools and solution to enhance flood disaster management and mitigation in this part of the country.

CSU Geo-SAFER Program leader Engr. Meriam M. Santillan did the opening remarks, followed by the welcome messages of CSU President, Dr. Anthony M. Penaso and Butuan City Mayor Engr. Ronnie Vicente C. Lagnada. DOST Secretary, Hon. Fortunato T. Dela Peña gave the Keynote address. Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Regional Director, Dominga D.Mallonga introduced the Keynote Speaker, and National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) Regional Director Mylah Faye Aurora B. Cariño talked about the Perspectives on the Role of the Geo-Safer Program to Regional Development. The event capped by the Signing of the Declaration of Commitment by the project partners and everyone involved in the project.

The Geo-SAFER Agusan project is being implemented by the Caraga State University (CSU) through the CaragaCenter for Geo-informatics (CCGeo) and is a component project funded by the DOST-PCIEERD and is also being implemented by four (4) other Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Mindanao; the Ateneo de Zamboanga University (AdZU), Central Mindanao University (CMU), Mindanao Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT) and the University of the Philippines- Mindanao (UP-Min), for two (2) years starting June 2017-May 2019.

The Geo-SAFER Agusan Project aims to conduct geo-informatics based approaches for the systematic assessment of flooding in the Agusan River Basin. The project will mainly process and analyze very detailed LiDAR-derived Digital Terrain and Surface Models (DTMs and DSMs), and utilize these as inputs to numerical simulation models for hydrologic and hydraulic characterization of the basin, and to produce detailed flood hazard maps for different flood scenarios. The project adds innovations which explain specific issues pertaining to flooding problem and the roles of anthropogenic activities like mining, deforestation, and land-use conversions in the hydrologic and hydraulic characteristics of the basin.

The Geo-SAFER project will benefit cities and municipalities in Agusandel Norte and Agusan del Sur that are within the Agusan River basin. Aside from producing flood hazard maps and statistics, the program will also conduct training and seminars to the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Officers (DRRMOs) and Planning Officers of the LGUs for the proper interpretation and application of the project outputs, not only for flood disaster management purposes but also for comprehensive land-use planning. 

The Geo-SAFER Mindanao Program attempts to expand the Phil-LiDAR 1 projects of the five (5) HEIs for 2-years to produce highly detailed flood hazard maps using LiDAR of 91 flood prone watersheds in 18 provinces in Mindanao, based on the urgentneeds and consistent demands by the LGUs located in these basins. For more questions, you may contact the Geo-Safer team by phone at +63853421889; by mail at geosafer.mindanao@gmail.com; Facebook: @geosafercaraga; website: http://www.geosafer-mindanao.org/ . piaea

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