CSU CLOSES 2021 with a BLAST

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CSU CLOSES 2021 with a BLASTCSU CLOSES 2021 with a BLASTCSU CLOSES 2021 with a BLASTCSU CLOSES 2021 with a BLASTCSU CLOSES 2021 with a BLASTCSU CLOSES 2021 with a BLASTCSU CLOSES 2021 with a BLASTCSU CLOSES 2021 with a BLASTCSU CLOSES 2021 with a BLASTCSU CLOSES 2021 with a BLAST
CSU CLOSES 2021 with a BLASTCSU CLOSES 2021 with a BLASTCSU CLOSES 2021 with a BLASTCSU CLOSES 2021 with a BLASTCSU CLOSES 2021 with a BLASTCSU CLOSES 2021 with a BLASTCSU CLOSES 2021 with a BLASTCSU CLOSES 2021 with a BLASTCSU CLOSES 2021 with a BLASTCSU CLOSES 2021 with a BLAST

CSU has finally launched the first ever state of the art library in Mindanao, the CSU-HERO Learning Commons. The building is named after the Honorable Elisa Rosales Ochoa (HERO), the first congresswoman of the Philippines who filed the omnibus bill in 1946 for the establishment of the Agusan Agricultural High School (AAHS), formerly NORMINAC, that became NORMISIST, and now known as Caraga State University or CSU.

The simple and minimal but decent celebration happened on December 9, 2021. It was attended by the CSU officials and other personnel led by the CSU President, Dr. Anthony M. Penaso, and his first lady, Madam Abigail Noemis T Penaso with the officiating pastor, VP Rolando N. Paluga, VP Luisito I. Tabada, VP Rowena P. Varela, VP Armie Leila M. Mordeno, other CSU key officials and the heirs of the late Congresswoman Ochoa, represented by Enrique and Kristine Hidalgo.

The biggest and most innovative State University Library in Mindanao-CSU’s HERO Learning Commons is designed to cater to the needs of different types of learners. Each floor has its unique services and spaces to offer. This is the first library in the Philippines which has library locator maps, an automated book drop system, nap pads, and a decision theater. This library also has its own auditorium, exhibit area, coffee shop, museum, and activity center among other new spaces.

It has three main sections, offering three different experiences. The Ground Floor area is designed with minimal colors, a touch of wood, grey, and accent colors. This floor offers a corporate vibe as it houses several offices and functional spaces. By the entrance, you will be welcomed by a huge lobby filled with customized furniture in CSU shapes. An accent wall, imprinted with the Honorable Elisa Rosales Ochoa’s inspiring quote.

On the side is an awards and recognitions area called the Wall of Merit to showcase excellence among its graduates that aims to inspire and motivate the community to excel and make a difference in life.  What makes this library also unique is the inclusion of culture and arts. At the general lobby, you’ll find a 4 x 8 feet painting that personifies the CSU as a mother-like being nurturing the whole Caraga Region. The auditorium is a state of the art facility which has 134 customized theater seats and a 3 x 5 meter LED Screen with a fully carpeted flooring and padded wall finish.

The 2nd Floor is for the readers. Painted with more vibrant and stimulating pastel colors to keep the learner's mind awake and give a homey feeling. It houses all the book collections of the library. This space has discussion rooms and open-type concept fixtures and furniture, created to be mobile and easily be reconfigured. This space can easily adapt to a post-pandemic environment. You can also the Filipiniana Section and 2 phone booths on the side.

The 3rd floor -is a hybrid space. This contains spaces that you cannot normally see in a library such as nap pads where students can stay for a limited time just to take a power nap which is proven to aid in keeping the mind alert and in its best condition, coffee shop to provide space for visitors and the CSU community for candid casual talks. A decision theater to cater to business pitching activities, thesis presentation, and defense among smaller discussion rooms and quiet rooms for minor study sessions/presentations; a story-telling area that will stimulate young educators’ communication skills; an activity area and activity lofts for collaborations. This space is infused with green design to project a chill and modern vibe; incorporated with artworks at the exhibit section showcasing the History of Caraga and other mural concepts.

The volume of occupancy is for 2,000 pax; capacity per floor-GF - 347 pax; 2F - 741 pax; 3F - 857 pax. Caraga Region is blessed to have this one of a kind library equipped with services that goes beyond the traditional libraries in the country. Empowered by its design, custom fit furniture and fixtures and technology Integrations.

The CSU-HERO Learning Commons has a total of 8 discussion rooms ready to cater for researchers’ needs, focus group discussions and even small meetings. Each room has its own writing glass wall and smart TV with full RFID access control. The Main Activity Loft is a large space for learners who just want to study in a not so formal setting, this component is stage convertible. Technology Integrations include 48 CCTV Cameras - full HD cameras for monitoring; library locator maps; library occupancy and monitoring software; automated book drop system; interactive boards, and more.

The CSU library is also called CSU-HERO Learning Commons because anyone can be a hero and everything can be learned. You have to see it, to believe it!

On the other hand, CSU also launched on the same day, the Kinaadman building that will house the two colleges, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHASS) under Dr. Ruth Sanchez and the College of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (CMNS) under Dr. Esamel M. Paluga. More buildings are constructed in both the CSU main and Cabadbaran campuses and will also be launched eventually soon. PICO

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