CSU holds cultural variety show

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CSU holds cultural variety show

ICT Center  - Sanggumay Dance Troupe and Caraga State University (CSU) - Cabadbaran Campus Flock Chorale showcased their talent in dancing and singing, respectively during the Pasundayag 2010.

This is in part of CSU’s 1st University Charter Week Celebration which started December 14th until the 17th.  

Different types of dance ranging from folk and modern were interpreted into rhythmic moves and choreographed steps by the students from Cabadbaran. The dancers, dressed in colorful Filipiniana gowns and traditional Barong Tagalog, wore their dazzling smiles all throughout the show and thereby, creating a lively ambience inside the Sanchez Gymnasium.

The Sanggumay danced to the Mindanao Songs composed by local artist in Mindanao that pay tribute to the region of Caraga where Caraga State University is part of. They also entertained the students by dancing “Kinaham ni Lolo” and “Pasayawa”. The latter, brought wild cheers and applause from the audience. The dance “Pasayawa” displays the traditional courtship of Filipinos that only a few men and women practice. Also featured during the cultural show are the Dance Sports and Modern Dance wherein dancers frolic to the beat of the music.

In between the dances, the CSU-Cabadbaran Campus Flock Chorale sang Christmas carols and serenaded the CSU students specially the ladies with love songs like “Ikaw” and “On the Wings of Love”. Students barely breathe waiting for the next performances.

To the delight of the audience, the Cabadbaran campus also gave cheers to those who love drinking and mixing alcoholic drinks by their Bartending presentation. Bartenders showed off their quickness and alertness in their choreographed catching of bottles.

Overall, the cultural variety show was not only educational, entertaining and outstanding. It is also a proof that CSU is home of world class performers.



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