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“NO TO PLASTIC”, CSU calls for everyone in the University to segregate each and everyone’s trash. The bulk of litters in the trash bins that are segregated by CSU General Services people are alarming. Being an Eco-Friendly University, we must now bring ourselves together to address the issue.

CSU President, Dr.  Anthony M. Penaso tasked the Vice President for Administration, Dr. Armie Leila M. Mordeno with the University Student Council, and the League of Campus Organization to heighten everyone’s awareness and to act on proper waste segregation and waste disposal.

Aspiring to be a more Eco-friendly University, the Caraga State University’s implementation of “Eco-Friendly Policy” kicked-off with the orientation of University personnel on “No Plastic University” on January 30, 2018 at the CSU’s Sanchez Gymnasium.

The orientation was conducted to formally inform the permanent and non-permanent personnel particularly on the non-use of plastic containers on food and beverage in the University cafeteria and arcade as agreed between the University Production Council chaired by the University President Anthony M. Penaso and the CarSUAdPMCo, concessionaries and student center lessees during the meeting on January 16, 2018.

The orientation was spearheaded by the Vice President for Administration; Dr. Armie Leila M. Mordeno who relayed that CSU adopted the “no plastic scheme” from other prestigious universities. The scheme earnestly calls everyone, particularly all CSU personnel and students to bring their own food containers in buying their snacks and lunches. In the meantime, for those who cannot bring their own personal food containers, the canteen people can lend food containers provided that the borrower shall leave them their valid Identification Cards, which will be given back after returning the borrowed food containers. CSU also prohibits the use of plastic straws.

With its soft implementation set on February 1, 2018, the Administration is yet to come up with the official policy which will be based upon its initial implementation. “The Administration is doing the best we can to address the issue on solid waste disposal in the University,” Dr. Mordeno said.

CSU General Services Director, Engr. Marilou G. Umpad cried out for the General Services Personnel who take care of CSU ditches. They are having hard times in keeping the University clean and orderly with only several of them in the office. The work also exposed them to health hazards. She called for everyone to help. The University collects an estimate of 30 metric tons of wastes equivalent to three truckloads of garbage per week, all of which are still to be segregated by the utility personnel. Engr. Umpad also gave a brief talk on proper wastes segregation in CSU campus.

The University Student Council (USC) and League of Campus Organizations (LCO) will hold the same orientation to the students as scheduled. IMRL/piaea          

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