The CSUAAI and the PIAEA Practice Forest Bathing

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On May 19, 2017 at 7: 00 A. M., the Caraga State University Alumni Association Inc. (CSUAAI) and the Public Information, Alumni and External Affairs will lead the CSU alumni members with host batch 1992 on its Forest Bathing and Trash Picking activity.

Notably, forests provide the perfect place to holistically heal ourselves.  All our daily tensions, struggles and woes can perish through some simple forest therapy.

GO “FOREST BATHING” or SHINRIN YOKU. "This eccentric practice is believed by many Japanese people to enhance the immune system.  And it’s scientifically proven as well.  Just taking a short walk through the forest can make you stronger and healthier.  This is because the essential wood oils emitted in the air called phytoncides that  increase the number of killer cells in your body.  These killer cells in turn help fight sickness and disease, like cancer, keeping you fit and fighting.

In 1982 the Forest Agency of Japan went so far as proposing forest bathing should be included in a healthy lifestyle.  The Japanese have loved the practice of Shinrin Yoku so much that their companies are now tying in Forest Bathing to employee health benefits.  So why not give Forest Bathing a go?  You’ll find there are many benefits for the senses.

The sounds you hear in the forest, like the whisper of wind, rustle of leaves, songs of a bird and the sound of streams have been proven to soothe the mind and therefore the brain activity.  This reduces blood pressure significantly."

Accordingly, just seeing the scenes of a forest has been proven to decrease heart rate, blood pressure and increase feelings of calmness and joy. The magic in the air and the smells of a forest can have astounding effects on the body.  Walking through a forest has physiological effects which decrease blood pressure, anxiety, depression, as well as slowing breathing rates and clearing the mind.  Thanks to the aromatherapeutic benefits of the wood oil phytoncides. Forest Bathing is also said to reduce stress, lower blood sugar levels, increase mental concentration and decrease pain.

Well then, join the CSUAAI and the PIAEA, go and forest bathe…piaea

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