Light up CSU commences with #Pasko sa CSU

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The drums roared as the CSU Drum and Lyre Corps began to play Christmas Songs to signal another 2019 milestone for CSU. Lighting up the Christmas lights with all the decors and ornaments is always something that the CSU family wait for in excitement.

The Budjong Chorale Ensemble and the Dulimbay Theatre Arts Guild took turns in presenting varied songs and dances while the spectators, the CSU officials, faculty, students and staff joined the singing and the dancing as well.

Vibrant lights and presentations were like rainbow sprinkles covering the whole of the new Administration building and all the people around it on the early night of November 19, 2019.

The whole CSU campus was filled with ornaments and lights in celebration of Christmas and to brighten the world of those who will pass by the university. ARP/pico


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