Ochoa Heirs Bestow First Hero Award to CSU President Penaso

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Ochoa Heirs Bestow First Hero Award to CSU President Penaso

The heirs of the First Congresswoman of the Philippines, Honorable Elisa Rosales Ochoa bestowed the First HERO Achievement Award, which was named after the late Butuanon political, sports, and humanitarian icon, Honorable Elisa Rosales Ochoa.

Dr. Anthony M. Penaso was chosen from a criteria set by the heirs themselves, headed by the late congresswoman’s only granddaughter Ma. Elisa Rosario O. Veloso. It was awarded right after Dr. Penaso delivered his State of the University Address (SUnA) on February 13, 2018 at the LMX Convention Center, Libertad, Butuan City.

The heirs of Honorable Elisa Rosales Ochoa, First Congresswoman of the Philippines who filed the Omnibus Bill for the establishment of Agusan Agricultural High School now known as Caraga State University bestowed the First HERO ACHIEVEMENT AWARD (Honorable Elisa Rosales Ochoa) to honor Dr. Anthony M. Penaso, PhD, DSc, EdD, DM, DPA, CSU President for his distinct leadership and achievement as President of Caraga State University. Aside from his being a personal and professional achiever, Dr. Anthony M. Penaso embraced the ideals of true Public Service that the late congresswoman lived for.

Just like HERO who scored many First in life as a professional, Dr. Anthony M. Penaso is also the First Summa Cum Laude of Central Mindanao University. He is the youngest President of CSU, and the First to bring a unique kind of Quantum Leadership to CSU. He is the First Young SUC President who brings in his best half, Madam Abigail Noemis T. Penaso not just in his personal journey in life but in his professional life. He shows the world the greatest contribution a woman has to the success of any man. He shows complete respect to a woman, by that he respects humanity in general, and lives a life of purpose.

Dr. Anthony M. Penaso is a paragon of virtue. He is not just any other leader; he makes leaders. His leadership ability and skills are manifested in the things he gets into, the activities he actively involves in, the collaborations he forges with, his way of living a life of moderation, and in his ability and capacity to lead CSU in its journey to excellence.

According to the heirs, a leader is a man of integrity and virtue, humble and simple in ways, and who lives in equality and equitability. These we see in Dr. Anthony M. Penaso, and we recognize.

Madam Ma. Elisa Rosario O. Veloso and her children Elbert Anthony V. Hidalgo, Enrique V. Hidalgo, Elisa Shanda H. Contreras, Robelisa Marie Kristine V. Hidalgo signed the awarded plaque.

HERO or Honorable Elisa Rosales Ochoa is also the First Filipina Florence Nightingale Awardee; the First and only Woman Asian Olympic Tennis Champion for 7 years; the First and only Woman National Tennis Champion for 12 year; the First Filipina Chief Nurse of San Lorenzo Hospital; the Mother of Rural Health Care Program; the Founder of Puericulture Center; Chairman, Board of Examiners for Nurses in 1942 Founder, Elisa R. Ochoa Memorial Maternity and General Hospital, Elisa R. Ochoa Memorial Northern Mindanao School of Midwifery and many more.LMC& MJGT

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