Energy Efficiency and Conservation Program

Conservation of energy through the proper use and maintenance of air-conditioning system has been practiced since 2004. All offices, classrooms and laboratories of the university have followed the policy guidelines for energy saving and maintenance guidelines for air conditioning system as stipulated in Memorandum No. 84 s. 2444. The same memorandum was reiterated throughout the years and the latest memorandum on energy conservation was VPA Memorandum order no. 25 s. 2015.

The installation of solar panels aids the electricity requirement of the university. Currently, these are used by computer laboratories so that classes will not be interrupted in case of a power outage.

Signage are placed in every room to remind CSU personnel and students to turn off the lights when no one is using the room. Fluorescent aluminum reflector is installed to greatly increase the overall efficiency of the lighting system. Rooms have fiber glass windows to lessen the energy requirement for lighting.


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