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This document defines the Caraga State University (CSU) policies with respect to the use and management of the official website of the University. This document has been produced as part of the MIS Office formerly known as ICT Center Strategic Planning conducted last December 21 – 22, 2009.

The MIS Office is the primary unit responsible for the design, development and maintenance of the Caraga State University’s official website and all other sub-domains or subdirectories for the University and its colleges and offices.

The website administrator takes the lead on the development, maintenance and integration of the content and information system of the University’s official website.

I. Provisions

The University reserves the right to determine what information shall and shall not be placed on the website. The website is the primary public information resource that gives a high level overview of the organizational vision & mission, structure and operation of the University.

II. Accuracy

The University strives to present current and accurate information on the website, but does not guarantee either the accuracy or currency of information posted on it. In the event of a difference between the information on this website and official information available at University offices, the official information should prevail.

III. Public Notice

When the University places notices of items on this website, schedule for upcoming public meeting or hearing, it does so only to facilitate public access to such information, as a supplement to the legally required methods of posting notices.

IV. Email submissions

Persons submitting email comments or questions to the University or to University officials or employees should be aware that the University cannot guarantee, nor does it represent that such communications will remain private or confidential. Similar to mailed or delivered comments, comments received via email may become subject to public disclosure.

V. Links to Other Websites

Links from the University Web site to other sites on the Internet do not constitute an endorsement by the University. The University is not responsible for the content, quality, or accuracy of any off-site materials referenced or linked through the University Web site. By using the University website, the user acknowledges and accepts that the University is not responsible for any materials stored on other Internet sites, nor it is liable for any inaccurate, defamatory, offensive, or illegal materials found on other Internet sites, and that the risk of injury from viewing, hearing, downloading, or storing such materials rests entirely with the user.

VI. Ownership

The University owns the central web pages, departmental web pages, and other web pages residing on any web server owned by the University, with the following exceptions:

  1. Course pages that include patent-able or copyrightable materials created by faculty members solely on their own initiative.
  2. Copyrightable works prepared by students as part of the requirements for a University degree program, as described in the Intellectual Property Policy.

VII. Appropriate use of web space

The University's information and communication resources are limited, thus official web pages may only contain current web content that supports University functions or programs. University web developers may not store personal web pages or non-web files, such as backups, in any space designated for official web pages.

Official web sites must be in the University’s recognized domain. The University will not host outside domains, without an approved exemption. This service is only available to official web sites.

Administrators of official web sites may request a unique host name, or prefix, for use within the The resulting addresses would provide a concise method for accessing and publicizing official web sites.

Registered domain names, whether or not actually used for the University web site, are to be protected and secured in a similar manner to any other valuable assets of the organization.

VIII. Commercial activity

It is not acceptable to use University web sites for commercial activities, including, but not limited to, commercial solicitation of business. This policy includes personal websites hosted on a university web server and all university departmental web sites with the exception of the few departments with authorization to advertise.

IX. Links to Commercial Sites

  1. Official University pages may not link to commercial sites that advertise/sell products or services, and may not accept sponsorship from commercial entities in exchange for advertising and/or links to commercial sites.
  2. Specific exceptions may be allowed if the commercial links support the University's missions and/or provide an essential service to the Caraga State University community.

All links on official home pages are subject to review by the Director of the MIS Office or the Office of the President of the University.

X. Content Considerations

Designing a Web is equivalent to creating a publication potentially available for the world to see, it is important that the material be accurate, up-to-date, grammatically correct, and free of spelling errors.

Web page authors also need to familiarize themselves with legal issues that relate to the Web, and avoid unlawful or inappropriate activities, such as:

  1. Copyright and licensing violations
  2. Vandalism and mischief that incapacitates, compromises, or destroys University resources and/or violates University laws
  3. Posting of private or confidential information (e.g., directory information without permission, student records or addresses)
  4. Dissemination of obscene, harassing, threatening, or unwelcome communications

XI. External web site link

The University permits the establishment of links to external websites on the University's official website solely in conformance with the purpose of the website and this policy.

Entities and organizations wishing to establish external links on the University's website must submit a written request (email is acceptable) which shall contain all information necessary to verify the facts stated and as may be necessary to establish that the proposed link is in compliance with this policy.

The University reserves the right to:

  1. Deny an external link application as to any person, business or organization when it is determined, following review of a request, that the entity or organization for which application is made does not meet the criteria set forth in this policy;
  2. Deny an external link application as to any
  3. Remove any external link if the nature of the organization or business to which the link relates no longer complies with the University's external link policy; or
  4. To revise this policy without prior notice when to do so is deemed to be in the best interests of the University.

XII. User Privacy

This policy establishes how the University will use information we gather about you from your visit to our web site. The privacy of our users is of utmost importance to University.

  1. To read or download information: we may collect and store information for statistical purposes. For example, we may count the number of visitors to the different sections of our site to help us make them more useful to visitors. Similar information is gathered for anonymous ftp, remote account login, or for other comparable types of connections.
  2. To send us an E-mail: by sending us an electronic mail message, you may be sending us personal information (e.g., name, address, E-mail address), as an Information request. We may store the name and address of the requester as well as any information in the message in order to respond to the request or to otherwise resolve the subject matter of your E-mail.

XIII. Prohibitions

Attempts to upload information to or change information on the University’s Web site are strictly prohibited unless specifically authorized in writing by MIS Office. This prohibition does not apply to a user's submission of information via an on-line form created by the University for that purpose.

XIV. Copyright, Trademarks, and Use of Images

Copyright laws that apply to printed material also apply to online publishing. Photographs, graphics, video, audio, or text created by another person may not be placed on a page without permission of the artist or author.

Any violation of copyright, trademark or any other law is the responsibility of the Web page author and not the University.

Permission is granted to download information from this website, so long as such information is not used for commercial purposes.

All materials or content posted to an official Caraga State University website is copyrighted by virtue of its posting.


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