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CSU, as the flagship government institution of higher learning in the Caraga, Region XIII, adheres to the credo of “Leadership  Through Purposing: Say it, model it, organize for it, support it, enforce it and commend practices that exemplify core values and express outrage when practices violate  these core values”. It is committed to propel all efforts towards the achievement of its Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives in response to regional and national development goals as well as for global competitiveness.


CSU adheres to the philosophy that the dignity, integrity, and personal worth of the individual are highly cherished and respected.  Each person, regardless of race, color, creed or economic status, is a resource of a nation; that education is basic to individual and national development and   is the backbone of human resource development; and that the role of an educational institution is to offer each individual the opportunities to realize his potentials, to imbibe the concept  of “learning to learn”,  to make his most effective contribution to the country’s social and economic development, and to systematize and apply  his knowledge into the affairs of men and nations.



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