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Brief History and Background

The NORMISIST administration designed a program for student activities to wit was Culture & Arts and  Sports & Physical Education Office (CASPE). Until such time, the CASPE was divided into Sports & Physical Education and Culture & Arts with chairpersons respectively. The SPEO was established as a unit under the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

The SPEO Unit took off with a full complement of Technical and Administrative staff. The Institution had featured in many sporting events which it had existed.

The Sports & Physical Education Office (SPEO) is responsible for the development and implementation of the Caraga State University (CSU) sports program through the recruitment and training of varsity athletes to represent State Colleges & Universities Athletic Association (SCUAA) Mindanao Association of State Colleges Universities Foundation (MASCUF) and Philippine Association of State Universities & Colleges (PASUC) Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Local, Regional & National Games and other prestigious tournaments and invitational games both within and outside the Caraga Region XII.  When requested, SPEO provides advice and service to CSU Athletic League.  Student Sports Clubs, Faculty & Staff sports Clubs and other sports organization in the CSU System.


  • To promote an awareness of fitness, health, recreation and leisure activities of the individual student/athletes and faculty/staff.

  • To provide a forum for free and fair competition based on approval regulations among student/athletes and faculty/staff of different backgrounds with a view of forging a bond of understanding and friendship among student/athletes and faculty/staff.

  • To develop a conscious effort and encourage mass participation in sporting activities in the university

  • To use sports as an element of crises management, positively re-directing innate emotional insurgence of student/athletes and faculty/staff towards ethical patterns.

  • To consolidate overall effort of university curriculum in developing “well-rounded” students by establishing sports as a major parameters for psychomotor proficiency.

  • To consolidate the overall effort of the University curriculum in developing well-rounded students by developing sports as a major parameter for psychomotor proficiency

  • To utilize sports as a medium for promoting a sense of patriotism and nationalism as well as enhancing the social well-being student/athletes and faculty/staff in the university

  • To develop and mobilize the human and social capacities of student/athletes and faculty/staff in order to cope creatively with the challenges of changes.

Core Values


  • Every operational, programmatic and human aspect of the Sports & Physical Education experience is bound by the congruence of sportsmanship and camaraderie and promotion of welfare and cooperation in the University community.


  • Members under the SPEO Organization will demonstrate values-based leadership in various sports competition, inside and outside campus, local, regional and national.


  • The programs, resources, experiences and opportunities gained through membership in the SPEO Organization will cultivate life-long learning.


  • The SPEO will serve others before themselves – adding value to the experience and lives of others.










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