Office for Admission and Scholarship (OAS)

The Office for Admission and Scholarship (OAS) shall supervise the mechanisms to attract students to the university by directing admissions strategies and promoting the university. The Office for Admission and Scholarship (OAS) shall also ensure the development and successful implementation of a scholarship programs that support the enrollment management objectives of the University by working with the College Deans to optimize the enrollment and net revenue impact of institutional and foundation scholarships.

OAS Services Offered

  • Assist in the screening of applicants to the various State College scholarships and financial assistance programs in accordance with existing rules and regulations;
  • Help in the preparation  of students scholarship and financial assistance program proposals and in soliciting donors or sponsors thereof;
  • Assist in the preparation and processing of documents and other requirements needed for the release of the funds for the scholars and grantees;
  • Conduct activities for the scholars helping them comply with the scholastic requirements of the scholarship program.

Current Undertakings

  • Continuing  implementation on on-going Scholarship Programs
  • Continuing association with other government and non-government agencies for scholarship support and participation
  • Continuing effort to support student scholars in their studies
  • Continuing effort in search of new scholarship and financial assistance programs to help Filipinos have access to education
  • Continuing effort in helping poor but deserving students have access to education

 OAS Director
 Telephone Number: 342-1197
 E-mail Address:


+63 (085) 341 2296 loc. 231


+63 (085) 341 2786 loc. 232


+63 (085) 341 2867 loc. 25

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