The Caraga State University Clinic

Caraga State University Clinic


Envisions excellence in the provision of health as its foremost priority for the optimum well- being of the university’s constituents and students.


To guarantee promotive, preventive, palliative & curative primary health care services to all in the university.


  1. To provide medical consultation and primary health care treatment to university students and personnel.
  2. To dispense over the counter and prescribed medicines.
  3. To issue referral and ferry students and personnel to higher medical institutions in the absence of the physician during emergency situation.
  4. To cater the need for dental services.
  5. To educate all in the university on relevant matters of health and occurring medical & dental concerns.
  6. To help establish an institution conducive for learning by periodic inspection of health hazards within the work environment.
  7. To endorse outbreak of medical cases within the university vicinity to higher government health offices for proper response care treatment.
  8. To take accountability and maintain confidentiality of all personnel and student health records.


The university clinic aligned with its aim provides primary health care services in both medical and dental facet. Our qualified healthcare providers consist with a Physician retainer specializing surgical and occupational medicine, a Dental retainer with orthodontic training, and Nurse practitioners certified in Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support training. As the university’s primary health care providers we offer the following services:

  1. Primary Care/ First aid treatment
  2. Medical Consultation and services such as:
    • Blood pressure reading
    • Fasting Blood sugar testing
    • Wound Dressing
    • Nebulization and Oxygen inhalation
    • Intravenous Fluid rehydration (per Doctor’s order)
    • Tetanus Toxoid and Anti Tetanus Serum injection (per Doctor’s Order)
  3. Health Education and information dissemination
  4. Sanitary Inspection
  5. Over the counter and prescribed drug dispensation
  6. Issue medical certificates, Excuse letter and Referral forms
  7. Dental Services such as:
    • Tooth Extraction
    • Oral Prophylaxis
    • Tooth Filling
  8. Referral of students with severe medical condition and/or during emergency situations to higher medical institutions.


The University Health Services caters all students and personnel of Caraga State University with the following reservations:


  1. Student is a bona fide enrollee of the university upon admission.
  2. Student’s health condition needs primary health care treatment.
  3. Students with chronic illness that needs palliative care treatment.
  4. Student’s mishap happened within the school premises.


  1. Personnel is a bona fide employee of the university upon admission.
  2. Personnel’s health condition needs primary health care treatment.
  3. Personnel's with chronic illness that needs palliative care treatment.
  4. Personnel’s mishap happened within the school premises.



The University Health Services renders Primary Health Care to persons not connected to the university only if accidents happen within the school premises.


The University Clinic is available 8:00 am- 5:00 pm on Mondays to Fridays. The call for extension of duty beyond office hour depends on the activities of the university.



+63 (085) 341 2296 loc. 231


+63 (085) 341 2786 loc. 232


+63 (085) 341 2867 loc. 25

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