CSU Administrative Personnel Stride to Team Building 2018

CSU Administrative Personnel Stride to Team Building 2018

To continually strengthen the administrative workforce for effective intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships towards the attainment of the University’s vision, mission and general mandate, Team Building activity for 2018 was organized for all the administrative services personnel of Caraga State University Ampayon Campus on May 2-4, 2018.

CSU Celebrates Family Day and Christmas Party

December 18, 2017. It was a merry day to celebrate Christmas with the CSU family.  The CSU- Sanchez Gymnasium was filled with fun and laughter, and all sorts of merriment when the CSU family celebrated its family day con Christmas party.

The chillax and cool celebration started at 4 in the afternoon and onwards.CSU President, Dr. Anthony M. Penaso opened it with a meaningful message, “Just love, love is the reason why we celebrate Christmas. It is by the love of God that He gave His only begotten son to redeem us.”


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