As an academic community, Caraga State University recognizes the necessity to articulate and enforce standards of behavior.  Such standards are not merely intended to prohibit misbehavior and punish violations but to educate about behavior and character attributes that the community desires to uphold or deter; to protect members of the community from harm or unwanted interference; to hold individuals and groups accountable for their actions and the consequences of their behavior; and to nurture an environment that is conducive to our community’s primary purpose – education.

This Code shall not be a surrogate for criminal or civil judicial proceedings and it shall not impede or dissuade any complainant or potential complainant from using criminal or civil justice systems.  Disciplinary action under this Code does not preclude sanctions or remedies under criminal or civil laws.  CSU and individual complainants or victims, may entirely apart from this Code, report suspected criminal law violations to the criminal justice system, take up available remedies through civil court proceedings, and avail themselves of other forms of dispute resolution.

The information contained in this Code is anticipated to facilitate undertakings to ascertain facts of a disciplinary matter or allegation and to arrive at an impartial resolution.  This Code is not intended, and does not confer any contractual rights on any individuals involved.  Circumstances can be significantly different between situations, and the Chairman of the Committee of Student Discipline may adapt procedures in a particular situation in order to reach a well-timed and impartial decision.


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