Offenses Against Order

  1. Wearing attire other than the prescribed uniform or that is inappropriate to the academic nature of the University.  (Administrators and faculty members, acting individually or in groups (for instance, as a Department, or as a College) may specify more precisely the suitable forms of outfit in classrooms or other designated areas and for designated events or occasions)

  2. Disruption/Obstruction. Obstructing or interfering with teaching, research, administration, disciplinary proceedings, or other University functions or activities.  This includes on campus or off campus functions and also includes authorized non-University activities occurring on campus

  3. Gambling on campus

  4. Bribery, or receiving of a bribe, or any other form of enticement meant to give or obtain favor or advantage illegitimately or unfairly, whether attempted, frustrated, or consummated

  5. Hazing and/or Abusive Affiliation. Any act, whether on or off campus, which endangers the mental or physical health or safety of a student, or which encourages or leads to conduct that otherwise violates the Code or CSU policies, or which a reasonable person would perceive is purposefully demeaning or humiliating to the students who are the object of the conduct, or which destroys or removes public or private property, for the purpose of membership in, affiliation with, and/or association with a group, including pressuring students to engage in hazing conduct. Consent of the participants or objects of the hazing conduct is not a defense to a charge of hazing.  The individual student(s) conducting the hazing, the group(s) associated with the hazing, the group’s leadership, or others with knowledge of the planning of hazing activity and who do not notify the Director for Student Affairs and Services may all face sanctions under the Code. Students should also be aware that Philippine law also criminalizes hazing, as defined in Republic Act 8049

  6. Unauthorized Use of the Caraga State University Name or Logo

  7. Restricting and/or preventing the distribution/circulation of a recognized student publication

  8. Disregarding the Code of Student Conduct by repeatedly failing to carry out, or acting in gross negligence of the student responsibilities, and/or frequently committing offenses

  9. Abuse of the University Code of Student Conduct, including but not limited to:

  • failure to appear before Committee on Student Discipline or University official when requested;
  • falsifying, distorting, withholding, or misrepresenting information before the Committee on Student Discipline or University official;
  • disruption of or interference with the orderly conduct of a Committee on Student Discipline proceeding;
  • knowingly instituting the Committee on Student Discipline without causes
  • attempting to discourage an individual’s proper participation in or use of the Committee on Student Discipline
  • attempting to influence the impartiality of a witness, student participant, University official, or member of the Committee on Student Discipline in connection with a Committee proceeding;
  • harassment and/or intimidation (verbal or physical or electronic) of a University Official or member of the Committee on Student Discipline or witness before, during, or after a Committee proceeding;
  • influencing or attempting to influence another person to abuse the  Committee on Student Discipline
  1. 10. Violations of Published University Policies, Rules or Regulations, and Agreements. Including but not limited to the rules and regulations of the university student dormitories, the accredited off-campus student housing facilities, the university Library and its facilities, student centers, gymnasium, audio-visual rooms, and other similar facilities

  2. Frequently abusing rules and regulations of the University, Colleges, Departments, or Administrative units

  3. Failure to fulfill sanctions imposed or intentional disregard or defiance of a penalty or a punishment enforced by the OSAS, by the Committee on Student Discipline or by other pertinent authority

  4. Perpetrating, inside the University premises and/or during a College or University function, any acts regarded as crimes under the laws of the land

  5. Perpetrating acts outside the University premises which affect the good name, order or welfare of the University or have direct and immediate effect on the discipline, morale, or general welfare of the University, especially acts regarded as crimes under the laws of the land of which the person has been formally accused or found guilty

  6. Getting unreasonable advantage over others for personal benefit by dishonest means

  7. Abetting a fellow student in the violation of the Code of Student Conduct

  8. Violating University policies and measures implemented against the use, possession, and distribution of dangerous drugs

  9. Unreasonable and excessively repetitive and/or willful failure to comply with official directives issued by the University, Colleges,  administrative offices and/or academic departments

  10. Failure to carry out the student responsibilities


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