Restricted Conduct

The University expects its students to exercise discretion, self-determination, and responsibility in the course of their individual development as a person.  This requires the ability to discriminate between acts that shall encourage their wellbeing as a person and those that undermine this.

As a general guiding principle, offenses against the Code of Student Conduct shall be considered major if any of the following circumstances are present: against the laws of the land, endangering the life and safety of the members of the community, delinquent behavior.

The following are specific examples of acts and behaviors considered irresponsible behavior that may be detrimental to oneself, another member of the academic community, or the University community in general.  All these acts and behaviors are unacceptable within the University community.  This list is not all-inclusive.  Additional rules exist in the Student Handbook, the CSU No Alcoholic Beverages Policy, the CSU ID-Wearing Policy, the CSU No Smoking Policy, General Announcements, in the policies published by the University and by administrative departments.

These rules and policies may be enforced by the procedures under this Code and the authority of this Code, the Chairman or the Head* of the Committee on Student Discipline, Director or the Head* for Student Affairs and Services, Vice President or the Head* for Academic Affairs, and the University President. CSU Main and CSU Cabadbaran Campuses shall implement uniform rules and procedures in all matters of student disciplinary proceedings, except that the nomenclature of official bodies and/or officials may slightly vary as they are used in the two campuses.

[*] Head as used in this text refers to the official designation use at the CSU Cabadbaran Campus


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