Our Functions

The Planning  and Development  Office  is headed by  the Director designated by the University President. He/she  shall be at  least a holder of  an appropriate master’s degree, preferably with special training and/or working experience in planning and development and at least three (3) years of administrative experience.

The Director for Planning and Development shall perform the following functions:

  1. To initiate, coordinate, monitor and evaluate the planning and development activities of  all sectors of  the  State College;
  2. To coordinate the preparation of  project/program plans and proposals;
  3. To provide assistance in packaging program plans and proposals;
  4. To provide  a  data bank and the center of project/program plans and proposals for the development of the State College; and
  5. To perform other related functions which the State College President may assign to him from time to  time.

The following offices shall be under the Office of the Planning and Development, viz:

  1. Data Bank Center
  2. Programming, Monitoring and  Evaluation
  3. Physical Plant, Campus Beautification and Land use.



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