The procedures used in the Committee on Student Discipline or Office of Student Affairs and Services’ summary proceedings or before a University official are not those used in court cases and are not intended to create contractual rights, including any rights to due process as that phrase is used in courts of law. Formal rules of evidence and jurisprudence do not apply. The Procedures under this Code are not adversarial processes but rather procedures for determining the facts regarding a charge and arriving at a fair and informed resolution of a charge.

As in the additional note in the preceeding discussion, CSU Main and CSU Campuses shall use the same procedures, except that nomenclature of official designations may slightly differ as they are applied in the two campuses.  For example, the Director for Student Affairs and Services in the Main Campus shall be equivalent to the Head for Student Affairs and Services in the Cabadbaran Campus.  The same shall apply with respect to the VP or Head of the Academic Affairs in both campuses.


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