CSU Alumna Sparkles in DOST’s Celebration of International Women and Girls Day Celebration

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CSU Alumna Sparkles in DOST’s Celebration of International Women and Girls Day Celebration

Engr. Meriam Makinano-Santillan, a Caraga State University alumna and Dean of the College of Engineering and Geoscience (CEGS) of the University sparkled in the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) celebration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science last February 11, 2021. She was featured in the DOST Science Journo as one good female influencer in Science and Technology.

The lady engineer was one of the young Filipina scientists who were asked during the event on how a woman can make a positive impact in the community, and contribute to promoting science, technology, and innovation. Engr. Santillan remarked that a young Filipina scientist must not only be equipped with the technical know-how in science and technology; she must also be compassionate and responsible in educating human beings, especially the young ones, regardless of gender, on the appropriate use of science and technology.

The young Filipina scientist led the Mindanao-wide research on Geo-SAFER and the Lidar-based mapping of flood hazards in Caraga. She is a topnotch leader and a compassionate disaster risk reduction management influencer; an epitome of a young Filipina leader in science and technology who is worth emulating.

The lady engineer led three major research projects under the Caraga Center for Geo-Informatics (CCGeo). She was the Project Leader of the Sago Project 2.2 with UP Diliman and UP Mindanao in 2012. The project aimed to do spectral and structural characterization of Sago Plan and its habitats using the remote sensing technology. Sometime in 2014-2017 she led the CSU Phil-lidar 1 Project, running for three years and funded by the DOST; leading to another project known to many as Geo-Safer Mindanao.

The International Day of Women and Girls in Science is celebrated to promote full and equal access to and participation in science for women and girls. It is implemented by UNESCO to support young girls with their education, and to enable them to fully realize their potentials and make their ideas heard. (Originally published in Science Journo Ako) OVPRIE/pico


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