CSU and DENR Implement Lake Mainit Project

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Caraga State University is implementing the Protected Area Establishment In Lake Mainit Key Biodiversity Area Project funded by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources  Caraga Region. The project aims to make Lake Mainit a protected area on the premise that it is home to several wildlife species in which some are endemic to Mindanao. Species such as Rafflesia mixta (largest flower in the world), hornbill, silvery kingfisher, little egret, white-throated king fisher, Philippine wild duck, and Tarsius syrichta can be found within and outside the boundaries of the Lake.

The terrestrial part near the lake is also home of the Mamanwa tribe who are considered as one of the oldest settlers in Mindanao. The conditions and status of the lake is threatened by  timber poaching, kaingin, illegal logging, small-scale and large scale mining, use of agro-chemical fertilizers in rice paddies adjacent to the lake, settlement near the lake and unsustainable fishing practices. 

For this end, DENR Caraga proposed that Lake Mainit be considered as a protected area with CSU as the implementing agency of the project. The project started with a meeting together with the technical working group from DENR and CSU project teams on August 14-15, 2017. Forty (40) enumerators were hired to conduct the socio-economic assessment and monitoring systems (SEAMS).  Training and workshop were conducted on August 16-18, 2017 for the enumerators prior to their deployment in the field.  A protected area suitability assessment will also be conducted to determine what category will Lake Mainit belong once it will be declared as a protected area. The project is spearheaded by Dr. Romell A. Seronay a faculty researcher of the College of Arts and Sciences. CMG


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