CSU President and ITSO Manager attend Presidents’ Summit and WIPO and KIPO Conference in Korea

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CSU President, Dr. Anthony M. Penaso with Technology Development, Transfer and Licensing Director Engr. Jeffrey T. Dellosa attended the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), and the International Intellectual Property Training Institute (IIPTI), Republic of Korea, organized Regional Conference for Presidents/Vice-Presidents and Technology Transfer Officers of Universities and Research Institutions on Creating an Enabling Intellectual Property (IP) Environment for Technology Development, Management and Commercialization – Phase 1, in Daejeon, Republic of Korea, on June 21 to 23, 2017.

The objective of the conference is to engage the top management of the universities and research institutions in a discussion on enabling IP environment for technology development, management and commercialization.

CSU is one of the 12 institutions from Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand who were chosen to attend the all expenses paid for conference.

Topics that were discussed were: History and Evolution of University Intellectual Property (IP)-based Transfer of Technology (TT), and Its Relation to the University Mission: The USA Experience and the United Kingdom Experience, Speakers: Mr. John Arthur Fraser, President Burnside Development & Associates L.L.C. Bethesda, Maryland, USA, Ms. Sarah Mcnaughton, Managing Consultant Oxentia, Oxford University Innovation Ltd., London, United Kingdom. Relation of IP-TT to University Mission: Philosophical andPractical Issues, Speakers: Mr. Richard Stuart Cahoon, Mr. John Arthur Fraser, and Ms. Sarah Mcnaughton; Benefits of IP-based TT for the University and itsStakeholders, Speakers: Mr. John Arthur Fraser and Ms. Yumiko Hamano; Lessons Learned from Three Decades of University IP/TT, Speakers: Mr. John Arthur Fraser, Mr. Richard Stuart Cahoon, Ms. Sarah Mcnaughton.

The Enabling Intellectual Property Environment (EIE)Project, University Commitment, President’s Role, Speakers: Ms. Yumiko Hamano and Mr. Andrew M. Ong; Essential Elements of a Sustainable University IP/TTFunction; Speakers: Mr. Richard Stuart Cahoon and Ms. Sarah Mcnaughton; Overview of Typical University IP/TT Structure andOperation and Good Management Practices, Speakers: Mr. John Arthur Fraser and Ms. Yumiko Hamano; Overview of the Standard University TT andCommercialization Process, Speaker: Mr. Richard Stuart Cahoon; Important Issues Regarding TTO Operation, Speakers: Mr. John Arthur Fraser and Ms. Sarah Mcnaughton; Select Technology Commercialization Cases, Speakers: Mr. Richard Stuart Cahoon, Ms. Yumiko Hamano, Ms. Sarah Mcnaughton, and Mr. John Arthur Fraser; Special University TT Issues, Speakers: Mr. Richard Stuart Cahoon, Ms. Yumiko Hamano and Ms. Sarah Mcnaughton.

The participants also visited different offices in Korea and learned the following: Experience State-of-the-Art Information Technology (IT), Technology and the Importance of Investment in Research and Development (R&D), Speaker: Mr. Ahrum Han, Lawyer, Legal Team, Seoul Semiconductor Incorporation. The Technology Transfer Center at Korea University, and listened to the 14th topic Finding Effective Ways to Make a Synergy Between the Private Sector and the R&D Sector, Speaker: Mr. Kyung-Soo Sim, Senior Researcher, Department of Technology Licensing and Commercialization, Korea University, Seoul, and visited the Presidential Council on Intellectual Property, Seoul, and listened to the 15th topic National IP Strategies and Policy, Speaker: Mr. Ji-soo Kim, Director General, Intellectual Property Promotion Bureau, Presidential Council on Intellectual Property. piaea

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