Toyo University’s Professor Comes to CSU, Talks on Plastic Debris and Environment-Dependent Toxicity

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Toyo University’s Professor Comes to CSU, Talks on Plastic Debris  and Environment-Dependent Toxicity

Prof. Shosaku Kashiwada, Director of the Research Center for Life and Environmental Science of Toyo University, Itakura Campus in Gunma Prefecture, Japan came to Caraga State University (CSU) on June 4, 2018.  He gave a seminar on ‘Globally Distributed Plastic Debris and Environment-Dependent Toxicity’ to the faculty members from the various departments of Caraga State University. His talk focused on the impact of microplastics on the marine ecosystem specifically on biodiversity. 

The Japanese Professor discussed the distribution and sources of plastic in the seas of Japan and interconnected seas of neighboring countries which can potentially alter the marine biodiversity. The scenario where plastics are dumped in seas is also happening in the Philippines.

A possible collaborative research between CSU and Toyo University was taken into account. Aside from an envisioned research cooperation on microplastic and heavy metal contamination coming from industries will also be tackled.  Prof. Kashiwahada was accompanied by Dr. Hisato Takeuchi, a Postdoctoral Fellow in his laboratory. The two professors also visited the laboratories in CSU.  

CSU President Anthony M. Penaso warmly received Prof. Kashiwada and company. Dr. Penaso remarked that CSU is very much open to the possibility of a tie-up with Toyo University in the areas of research and graduate teaching, especially that Toyo University and CSU are sister universities since 2012. With CSU currently pursuing internationalization of its programs, it has to broaden its networking with other universities and research institutions abroad to be globally connected and relevant. More professors and researchers are coming to CSU for collaborative engagement and networking.  RPV/piaea

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