About the Office of the Vice President for Research, Innovation and Extension

The OVPRIE is responsible of recommending to the University President policies, strategies, guidelines, budgetary allocations, among others pertaining to research, innovation, and extension. The VPRIE shall also direct the planning, implementation, and monitoring of all research, innovation, and extension programs and the necessary collaborations with institutional linkages. Complementary thereto shall be the performance of all specific responsibilities stipulated in the Special Order that mandates the designation.

The OVPRIE is assisted by technical assistants in the performance of the responsibilities assigned by the University President and may delegate duties and responsibilities in such capacity whenever necessary to certain officials, except for when it is explicitly restricted by the existing policies.

The officials of the OVPRIE’s administrative core group include the Director of Research Centers, the Director of the Extension Services, Director of Technology Transfer and Licensing Office (TTLO), and the Director of the RIE Publication and Communication.

The Vice President for Research Innovation and Extension
The Vice President for Research Innovation and Extension

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