R&D Framework

The RDE Implementation Plan

In consonance with the institutional, regional and national R&D priorities of government agencies, the CSU RDIE Framework was formulated. It presents the CSU Office of the Vice President for Research, Innovation and Extension (OVPRIE) as the umbrella for all research, development and extension programs of the university. The office is created to oversee the research, development and innovations of CSU for sustainable management of the region’s natural resources towards improving livelihood, public health and socio-cultural aspects through the provision of basic knowledge, information, innovations and technology. With this framework, the CSU RDE Programs are aimed at addressing to the needs of the region through: utilizing and developing the lowland and upland resources sustainably; managing the mineral resources responsibly; developing and maintaining the natural endowments for ecotourism and for conservation; smart regional development planning using ICT; disaster preparedness using geo-informatics; upgrading human capacity through the understanding and appreciation of science and mathematics; and cultivating values and culture through basic and functional literacy programs and the appreciation of the socio-cultural backgrounds of every sector of society.


Research, Development, Innovation and Extension Framework

The various lines represent the interconnectivity of the different programs. These lines likewise show the interrelatedness and interdependence of the programs in terms of human resources, facilities, capability building and other relevant areas of collaboration. The semi-circular line connecting the various research and innovation centers to the innovation and commercialization center, market and the partners (eg. industry, LGUs, other stakeholders) indicate the interrelationships of the various components in the system, while the uni-directional arrows signify the strong direction of the various Research and Innovation Centers to generate knowledge, technologies and innovations to support the achievement of socially-sensitive inclusive economic growth and disaster resiliency. The CSU Administration is linked with the various partners and the market is also shown to point out the feedback mechanism as part of the system. The open lines indicate the flow of information and feedbacks between the CSU Administration and partners and between the Innovation and Technology Commercialization Center (ITCC).


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