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The Caraga State University is an academic institution tasked by the government to provide quality service in professional and technological training particularly in the northeastern Mindanao area, the Caraga Region. As a state institution, its mandate is to support socio-economic development in its service area through the basic functions of instructions, research, extension and production. Research provides the foundation for the other three functions, hence, a sound Research and Development (R&D) program should be formulated and implemented to answer the technological needs and problems of the people in its service area.



The guiding philosophy of CSU Research and Development Program is portrayed in the theme ‘CSU CARES’, herein stated as follows:

  • [C] Complementary with the Caraga Region’s agenda on wise use and development of the natural resources towards sustainable development

  • [S] Search for truth that leads to the advancement of knowledge and socio-economic development

  • [U] Unified and harmonized programs for the betterment of the lives of people

  • [C] Candid and humane implementation of RDE programs, with consideration of the end-users of knowledge and technologies

  • [A] Aligned to global, national and regional development goals in addressing pressing issues and coming up with well-thought of development strategies

  • [R] Reliable and ethical conduct of results-oriented researches toward knowledge development

  • [E] Enhanced human and physical resources backstopping towards building a strong research community

  • [S] Supplementary to the RDE programs of other agencies/institutions at the global, national and regional levels and support national programs on countryside development and poverty reduction


Research is one of the basic functions of a higher education institution (HEIs). It is basically conducted to search for knowledge. It is defined as any systematic investigation, with an open mind, to establish novel facts usually adopting the scientific method. The primary purpose for basic research is to discover, interpret, and develop techniques and systems for the advancement of human knowledge on a wide variety of scientific matters, while applied research is intended to provide solutions to everyday existence of humans and society. Some basic realities in identifying research as one of the pillars of HEIs are as follows:

  • Research generates new knowledge essential to teaching. Without research, teaching would be sterile;

  • Research is a tool that keeps the faculty abreast on the trends of science and technology.

  • Strong and quality research program is vital to the growth and development of the University.

  • Research improves the competence of the faculty;

  • Research is an essential basis for a workable and successful extension program. Extension

  • derives its technology from research.

  • Research propels income-generating projects through the generation of appropriate

  • technologies that maximizes profit


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