Paper Conservation Program

The university implements paperless transactions thru its online student services which facilitates the compliance of academic deficiencies, financial obligations, and graduation clearance. Since clearance is computerized, usage of papers is minimized thereby promoting sustainability of resources. CSU also employs an online faculty performance evaluation system (PES) which is regularly conducted every semester. The module of the system is readily accessible to all concerned students and CSU personnel using their assigned accounts. Since faculty performance evaluation system is online it provides an opportunity to evaluate the faculty more efficiently and in an environment-friendly manner. Submission of student grades is also done online thru a module generated by the ICT department. Moreover, csu is also implementing the recycling of one-sided used papers for internal transactions.

Memoranda, special orders, minutes of meeting of the academic council and administrative council are posted in the CARSU on-tine system where faculty and other personnel can access thru their accounts.

Paper wastes are temporarily stored and these will be collected by a buyer for 1.00 peso per kilo. Temporary record of sales of paper wastes in CSU.


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